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Time Card Screen

The Time Card Screen (TCS) can be set up to display selected information cards. The cards selected in the System Preferences are the default display for all users. Individual users can customize the display through the Time Card Screen option in the My Preferences section.

To view descriptions of the options available in this screen, see the Preferences section>My Preferences card>Time Card Screen Information Cards.

The Time Card Screen can consist of up to three panes:

Click the card arrow on a card to open and display the records on the card. Some cards contain Categories to break down the information. For example, on the Benefit Balances card, there are separate Categories for each benefit code containing data for the employee.

To set the user defaults, complete the following steps:

  1. Point to an option from the Unassigned Sections column.
  2. Drag the option to the Upper Area, Lower Left Area or the Lower Right Area column.
  3. Selections may be moved around within the panes according to the order in which they should display. The red arrows indicate the placement of the sections.
  4. Click the Save button before exiting.

Action Buttons

The following Actions are available in the left pane:

Reset All Users

Reset Users

Transaction Grid/Transaction List

After selecting the Reset Users button, the following Actions are available for searching and resetting records:


Cancel Reset

Reset Selected